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Jason P. Fowler

Like the lion, we fight fearlessly for you.

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Jason P. Fowler

Jason has dedicated his career to seeking justice for all his clients. Jason uses his skills and talents to hold major corporations and insurance companies accountable for their actions. Jason’s knowledge of the research and development of medical devices and pharmaceutical products allows him to effectively navigate the complex field of product liability on a level that obtains the best results for his clients.

Jason will fight for his clients. Jason stands against major corporations and insurance companies refusing to let them escape responsibility for their actions, and refusing to let them diminish the value of life. Jason’s desire is to seek justice for those who lack the resources and ability to demand the compensation and damage awards they are entitled to receive. Jason will not stop fighting for his clients until they receive the justice that they deserve.

“When I know my client is finally at peace, I am at peace. I am proud that all of the members of PARRIS demonstrate their commitment to helping our clients to once again enjoy life.”

  • State Bar of California
  • All California State Courts
  • United States District Court for the Central District of California
  • Court of Federal Claims
Our Attorneys Serve Clients on a Contingency Fee Basis.

We cover the costs of fighting for you—including the costs of filing a lawsuit, performing any needed investigations, and going to trial if necessary. Once your case has been resolved, our team will obtain a percentage of the result we secured for you.

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