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Vicious ATM Attack Results In $5.5 Million Recovery for PARRIS Client

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While a customer was withdrawing money from an international bank’s ATM, she was viciously attacked with an aluminum bat that left her with severe injuries. Even though the bank was known for having security issues, there were no bank employees or security guards around to protect her or the public. After nearly three years of litigation, PARRIS successfully secured a $5.5 million recovery on behalf of this client.

Banks are not just entrusted with protecting your money: they also have a duty to reasonably protect their customers. Before this attack, the bank previously dealt with violent acts at this location. Since the bank already knew of the significant dangers these ATMs posed for its customers, it became its responsibility to adequately staff the location with trained security guards.

At the time of those previous violent acts, the on-duty security guards had complained about the significant risks the location posed to the bank’s staff and its customers. However, even after raising these concerns, the bank did not station a permanent security guard at a location where the guard could properly protect the bank’s customers.

Under California law, when businesses invite customers onto their property, they have a duty to take reasonable measures to protect their customers from potential criminal misconduct. Withdrawing money from a bank’s ATM is common, and banks are required to exercise reasonable care in protecting their customers. Failure to do so holds the bank liable for injuries that may occur on its premises. Additionally, when there has been past criminal activity or violent criminal assaults at a business location, the business has a duty to provide security guards to protect the safety of its customers.

If you’re an assault victim and feel that the assault could have been prevented by a business that was acting negligently, contact PARRIS at (661) 485-2072 to start your free case consultation today. You pay no fees until we win your case. PARRIS has recovered over $4.1 billion for injured victims since 1985.

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