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PARRIS Law Firm Obtains $120 Million Jury Verdict for Victims of Lancaster Car Crash

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On August 18, 2021, PARRIS attorneys obtained a groundbreaking $120,000,000 jury verdict for the victims of a horrific rollover crash in Lancaster, CA.

What Happened?

Three years ago, our client was driving his truck in Lancaster when a woman, driving while talking on her cell phone, proceeded through a stop sign, despite oncoming traffic. She struck the side of our client’s vehicle with so much force that his front driver side tire was sheared clean off. This caused the vehicle to flip forward before rolling over multiple times, eventually skidding to a stop on its side.

Our client’s injuries were catastrophic. The crash ruptured disks throughout his spine, requiring multiple procedures and surgeries. He is also being treated for a traumatic brain injury.

We always hear about the dangers of distracted driving, but we rarely comprehend just how destructive it can be. One negligent phone call changed the lives of our client and his family forever.

Fighting the Insurance Company

When terrible crashes happen, it is reasonable to expect that the insurance company will compensate the injured parties. However, this was not the case for our client and his family.

Before trial, the court reprimanded the insurance company’s attorneys multiple times for suppressing key evidence and refusing to follow the court’s rules. The court recognized that the defense counsel was using unwarranted delay tactics to avoid handing over their client’s cell phone records.

By choosing to drive while using her phone through a busy two-way intersection, the defendant shattered the lives of a loving and compassionate family.

A Phenomenal Victory for Our Clients

After a three-day trial, the jury awarded our client and his family a $120 million verdict.

This isn’t just a victory for our clients—it’s a win for the rule of law. Cases like these open our eyes to the dangers of distracted driving. Thanks to the court and the jury, this verdict will go a long way in covering our clients’ prior and future medical expenses.

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