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How to Keep Your Children Safe on Halloween

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Halloween is swiftly approaching, which means everyone will be running to their local grocery stores to buy candy for all of the trick-or-treaters coming to their doors. Halloween is a night where everyone is supposed to have fun getting dressed up with friends and family. Children get together with their schoolmates and go out in their neighborhoods to collect as much candy as humanly possible. But it can also be a dangerous holiday, and it is important to look out for the hazards that often come with your children walking around after the sun goes down.

Before even leaving the house for the night of trick-or-treating, the National Safety Council (NSC) says that parents need to make sure their children’s costumes are safe. Costumes should be fire resistant and makeup should be nontoxic. Masks should be avoided because they can hinder the child’s vision, which puts them in a vulnerable situation. NSC also notes that it would be of the child’s best interest to wear something reflective or glowing, so drivers will be able to see them better at night.

Safe Kids Worldwide tells us that the first thing to be careful of on Halloween night is drivers. It is important to look both ways before crossing a street, and to always walk on paths and sidewalks. It is also important for an adult to trick-or-treat with children that are below the age of 12. Even if children are older than 12 and can handle trick-or-treating alone, they should still stay in areas that everyone is familiar with so they don’t get lost. It is also smart for them to stay in groups and to never go out alone.

People staying inside to hand out candy also have responsibilities on Halloween night. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, homeowners should remove anything from their yard or front porch that a child can trip over, so nobody gets hurt when walking up to the front door. This can include hoses, lawn decor, or anything else that isn’t plain to see. It is also important to restrain any pets you have so they do not attack a trick-or-treater or run out of the door while you’re handing out candy. They also advise parents to check all of the candy collected for any kind of tampering. Any unwrapped or suspicious-looking candy should not be consumed and should be thrown out immediately.

Halloween is an exciting, spook-tacular night for children and adults alike, but these are just a few tips that can help make sure everyone gets home safely after a fun night of trick-or-treating. We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday this year! Happy Halloween, from your friends at PARRIS!

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