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Fatal Motorcycle Accident Leads to $4 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

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The surviving children of a man tragically killed by the negligence of the City of Ventura and Granite Construction have agreed to a $4 million wrongful death settlement negotiated by the PARRIS Law Firm.

In Ventura, a father-of-three with a long-standing, successful legal career was driving his motorcycle on a Ventura roadway when he unexpectedly hit a patch of loose sand and debris that was scattered across the road. The excess debris immediately caused the man to lose control of his Harley Davidson and crash. He broke his neck in the crash and died just two days later.

“While we’re grateful this case has settled, our three clients will never have their father back, and their children will never get to meet their grandfather,” said attorney Alexander R. Wheeler. “Now, they have to deal with this tragic loss, which was preventable if only the city and the gravel company properly handled this stretch of roadway construction.”

According to the complaint, the city and the construction company contributed to the man’s death by creating hazardous road conditions. Not only was the construction site poorly managed, the workers were poorly trained in managing construction zones.

Making matters worse, the defendants failed to provide sufficient safeguards, including warning signs, painted lines, traffic lanes, barriers, lighting, or markings, which only made the already treacherous stretch of road even more of a hazard.

The case is Doe v. City of Ventura, Ventura County Superior Court.

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