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5 Fun Earth Day Activities in the Antelope Valley

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It’s Earth Day! As you may have heard, we are passionate about environmental protection over here at PARRIS. Lancaster Mayor and PARRIS Founding Attorney R. Rex Parris helped Lancaster, California to become the first net-zero energy city in the US. Lancaster produces more power from the sun than it uses from the electrical grid!

We want to encourage everyone in the Antelope Valley to take part in at least one environmentally friendly activity this week. We’ve put together a few ideas for earth-friendly inspiration.

Mascara and Donations

The theme of Earth Day 2019 is “Protect Our Species.” The world is facing the mass extinction of millions of species at an alarming rate. You can view some quick facts about this problem here.

To help a wildlife rescue provide small and injured wild animals with medical care and wound treatment, you can donate your old mascara wands! Instead of throwing your used mascara wands away, clean them with soap, place them in a Ziploc bag, and mail them to a wildlife refuge that accepts them. These wands will clean oil, mites, infections, mud, and other contaminants from the wildlife.

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is one rescue organization that accepts used mascara wand donations. You may even be inspired to host a “Wandraiser” and collect from your family and friends!

Educate Yourself on Earth Day Issues invites you to test your knowledge of the Earth with quizzes on various environmental topics. You’ll see how much (or little) you know about the Earth, and learn useful facts. As you finish each section, you’re rewarded with a choice of a free downloadable poster.

Upcycle Gently Used Clothing and Toys

Reduce waste by donating your gently used clothing and toys to Grace Resources. You can embrace spring cleaning and sort through closets to find a home for those items that you don’t need or use anymore.

Reduce Your Resources Intake

For the entire week (and hopefully longer), stop using disposable plastics like single-use water bottles, bags, and straws. Use cloth towels instead of paper ones, go paperless on your bills, and take shorter showers. We know this is all easier said than done, but small changes from all of us will create big change.

Experience Nature

What better way to feel gratitude for the earth than to get out and spend time in nature! It’s the perfect time of year to wander the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, observe the magnificent fields of poppies, and get some fresh air.

Happy Earth Day!

In the words of the writers at, “When we come together, the impact can be monumental.” PARRIS is hopeful that we can each strive to make the earth a better place for all. If you’ve found this article useful, please share it with those in your community!

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