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Client Experiences: Reviews and Testimonials for PARRIS Law Firm

At PARRIS Law Firm, we take immense pride in the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from our valued clients. With a strong focus on personal injury, employment law, environmental law, and class action lawsuits, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and delivering favorable outcomes for our clients. Our testimonials reflect the satisfaction and gratitude our clients feel towards our commitment, expertise, and personalized approach to their cases. By sharing these reviews, we aim to showcase our track record of success and the level of trust our clients place in us. When you choose PARRIS Law Firm, you can expect skilled advocacy, compassionate guidance, and a relentless pursuit of justice for your legal needs.

“PARRIS is the best law firm out there as far as I’m concerned. They treated me like family and were always so supportive. They always made me feel comfortable and took the stress out of the…”

Armando A.

Happy Client

“My team always made me feel like a human being, not just another case or another dollar sign. I knew that I could really trust them because they always told me the truth. They became my second family…”

Lisa H.

Happy Client

“I always heard PARRIS was the best, which is why I immediately went to them when I needed a law firm. My entire experience with them was exceptional, but what I loved the most about my…”

Aspen B.

Happy Client

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Our exceptional track record is a testament to our ability to secure substantial settlements for our valued clients.



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Experience Matters: Personal Injury Lawyers Delivering Winning Outcomes

Backed by a proven track record of exceptional settlements and verdicts, we have earned a reputation for our unwavering pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients. Whether you’ve been injured, wronged in the workplace, affected by environmental issues, or seeking justice through a class action lawsuit, you can rely on our expertise and relentless advocacy. Put your trust in PARRIS Law Firm and experience the power of dedicated legal representation.

$370 Million

Defamation and Emotional Distress Verdict

$135 Million

Claims Adjusters Class Action Settlement

$56.5 Million

Truck Accident Case Against CRST, Inc.

$41.6 Million

Distracted Driver Car Accident Verdict

$33 Million

Claims Adjuster Misclassification Settlement

$31.5 Million

Motorcycle Accident Verdict Against Caltrans

$29.5 Million

Hourly Workers Class Action Settlement

$29 Million

Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement

$20.9 Million

Drunk Driving Car Accident Verdict

$15 Million

Wage Statement Violation Class Action

$14.8 Million

Pedestrian Injury Settlement

$13 Million

Work Injury Case Against Tesla

$12.3 Million

Insurance Adjusters Class Action Settlement

$10.5 Million

Pedestrian Accident Settlement Against City of Bakersfield


Premises Liability Personal Injury Settlement Premises

$7.8 Million

Hourly-Paid Worker Settlement Against Chicken Processing Plant

$7.7 million

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

$7.6 Million

Head-On Car Collision Settlement

$7.4 Million

Truck v. Auto Accident Verdict

$7 Million

Sales Managers Class Action Settlement

$6.7 Million

Class Action Settlement Oil Drilling

$6.5 Million

Drunk Driving Car Accident Settlement

$5.6 Million

Retail Merchandisers Settlement

$5.5 Million

Assault Personal Injury Settlement Against A Bank

$5.45 Million

Construction Worker Personal Injury

$5 Million

Class Action Settlement Dairy Producer

$4.3 Million

Consumer Fraud Class Action Verdict

$4 Million

Motorcycle Death Caused by Granite Construction

$3.8 Million

Car Accident Settlement

$3.7 Million

Hourly Retail Employee Settlement

$3.5 Million

Kern County Oil Field Workers Settlement

$3.3 Million

Food Production Worker Settlement

$3 Million

Production Line Employees Settlement

$2.9 Million

Work Injury Settlement

$2.7 Million

Wrongful Death Jury Verdict

$2.3 Million

Motorcycle Collision Settlement

$1.9 Million

Car Accident Wrongful Death

$1.7 Million

Premises Liability Settlement Against City

$1.6 Million

14 Freeway Accident Wrongful Death

$1.5 Million

Motorcycle Accident Verdict

$23 Million

Rollover Car Accident Verdict

$120 Million

T-Bone Style Rollover Accident Verdict

$49.6 Million

Motorcycle Accident Verdict for CHP Officer

$17.5 Million

Workplace Accident Settlement

$10.6 Million

Car Accident Wrongful Death Verdict

$9.6 Million

Car Accident Verdict in Santa Clarita, CA

$3 Million

Construction Worker Settlement

$120 Million

Insurance Adjusters Class Action Settlement

$10.5 Million

Personal Injury Case Against DHL Express

$5.5 Million

Train Accident Settlement

$5.5 Million

Misclassified Workers Class Action Settlement

$5 Million

LAPD Car Accident Settlement

$5 Million

Car v. Pedestrian Accident Settlement

$4 Million

Bus Accident Settlement

$4 Million

Wrongful Death Drunk Driver

$4 Million

Pedestrian Personal Injury Verdict

$3 Million

Poultry Processing Worker Settlement

$1.8 Billion

Porter Ranch Gas Leak

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