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Work Injury Settlement
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Retail Work Injury Settlement

PARRIS attorneys obtained a $2,905,000 work injury settlement on behalf of a 32-year old carpenter who was injured while working on the remodel of a major retail store.

In this remodel, he was assigned to move refrigerated cases, some of which were under false columns. False columns are stainless steel columns that are created to hide electrical and refrigeration lines running from the cases to the ceiling. Per industry standard, these false columns are supposed to attach above the drop ceiling.

As our client was moving one of the refrigerated cases, the 80-pound drop column fell on him because it was improperly installed. The column sliced through his nose, causing a severe avulsion. He sustained facial lacerations through his nose, side of his face, upper lip, forehead and right shoulder. He had to undergo emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and repair his nasal structures, and was also diagnosed with a cervical strain.

Since this work injury, our client continues to suffer from wrist pain, rib pain, neurological issues, difficulty sleeping, problems with breathing, smell, taste, nausea, and depression, and frequent neck and facial pain.

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