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Train Accident Settlement

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Train Accident Settlement

PARRIS obtained a $5.5 million train accident settlement on behalf of a 42-year old police officer who was severely injured when a train hit his patrol car.

The police officer was driving his patrol car and crossing train tracks on a green light. An engineer of an oncoming train ran its red light and hit the side of our client’s vehicle. The train dragged our client down the tracks, causing him severe injuries and rendering him unconscious.

In addition to this loss of consciousness, our client suffered a head contusion and laceration, frontal brain lobe bruise, left ear injury, chest injury, multiple rib fractures, lung contusion, loss of memory, and shoulder and neck pain.

After the train accident, our client was placed on disability as he was no longer able to work. He continues to suffer from post-concussive syndrome, neck and chest pain, and neurological issues such as headaches, memory difficulty, and personality change.

When you’re injured in a train accident, you deserve justice. Contact PARRIS train accident attorneys for your free case consultation. You pay no fees until we win.

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