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Motorcycle Death Caused by Granite Construction

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Motorcycle Death Caused By Granite Construction

PARRIS obtained a $4,000,000 settlement on behalf of three adult children in their wrongful death case against a construction company contractor and the city that hired it to perform work on a Ventura roadway.

The decedent was driving home to Ojai from Ventura. On his way to the 101 freeway, he drove through an open construction zone that included a patch of loose sand and gravel that Granite Construction had left in the roadway from that day’s construction. When he drove over the patch of loose sand and gravel, the decedent lost control of his motorcycle, fell off, and hit his head on the concrete pavement. Tragically, he broke his vertebrae in the fall, causing him to fall into a coma. He passed away a few days later.

PARRIS works its cases in preparation for trial. In this case, PARRIS successfully showed that Granite Construction created a dangerous condition by leaving loose sand and gravel in the roadway, refusing to warn drivers of the dangerous roadway, and deliberately choosing to keep the dangerous roadway open to traffic during the entire construction project. As a result, PARRIS was able to reach a $4,000,000 settlement on behalf of the decedent’s children shortly before trial.

Other notable PARRIS motorcycle accident case results include a $31.5 million motorcycle accident verdict against Caltrans, a $7.75 million motorcycle accident settlement, and a $2.35 million motorcycle accident settlement.

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