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$5.5 Million

Misclassified Workers Class Action Settlement

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Misclassified Workers Class Action Settlement

PARRIS obtained a $5.5 million settlement on behalf of misclassified workers against a telephone company that provided telephone service and infrastructure of cables and fiber throughout much of California.

In this case, the misclassified workers were responsible for ensuring that the telephone company had access to the land on which its engineers determined that new lines would be placed. They had no managerial or supervisory role, and the company itself reclassified the workers’ job positions prior to the workers filing this class action lawsuit.

The plaintiff sought back pay for missed overtime wages, as well as premiums for meal and rest periods that the plaintiff and his co-workers did not receive when they were classified as exempt salaried workers.

Other notable PARRIS employment class action settlement case results include a $7.8 million settlement against a chicken processing plant and a $6.75 million settlement against an oil drilling company.

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