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Hotel Personal Injury Settlement

Our hotel injury lawyers helped a client who was in her forties when, due to the negligence of a luxury hotel, her foot was crushed by an unstable metal table. She was a registered guest of the hotel and was sitting in the hotel lounge area when the heavy metal table tipped over and crashed into her foot. The table was so heavy that she could not move it off of her foot herself – a hotel employee had to run over and lift the table for her.

Our client’s personal injury included fractured bones in her foot, a crush injury to the nerves in her foot, and foot disfigurement. She underwent several surgeries and developed a serious and incurable condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

This particular table was a Salvador Dali Leda Low Tablemodeled after an ethereal sculpture created by Salvador Dali. The table balanced on just two thin legs, which caused it to be extremely unstable. The hotel knew that this table was precarious because it had already been moved from the hotel patio area to the lounge area after employees expressed concern for its instability.

Rather than remove the table from the premises entirely, the hotel moved the table to the lounge area, where our client was injured. In doing this, the hotel subjected guests and visitors to a dangerous condition on its premises.

Our client alleged that the hotel was negligent on the basis of premises liability, and also alleged that the manufacturer of the table was liable on a products liability basis. PARRIS recovered a $9,225,000 million personal injury settlement against the luxury hotel. Our client will now have the medical treatment, rehabilitation, and resources that she needs to live with a disability and CRPS caused by the negligent hotel.

Another notable PARRIS premises liability case involved a $5.5 million settlement for a woman assaulted outside of a bank.

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