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$41.6 Million

Distracted Driver Car Accident Verdict

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Distracted Driver Car Accident Verdict – Palmdale, California

PARRIS recovered a $41,641,170 car accident verdict for our 27-year old client who was the back-seat passenger in a car that was T-boned by a distracted driver. The car accident took place in Palmdale at the corner of Avenue O and 15th Street West during the busy holiday shopping season.

On that tragic December night, our client, his fiancé, and her mother were leaving the Antelope Valley Mall when the defendant darted out into oncoming traffic and caused the T-bone collision. The impact caused our client to become a quadriplegic who needs daily medical care for the rest of his life. Our client was born with developmental disabilities, but despite this, he was entirely self-sufficient, had a job, and was living on his own. Now he can no longer tie his shoes, or perform daily living tasks on his own.

The defendant’s car driver admitted fault for causing the accident. We took the case to trial at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and after a month-long trial, the jury came back with a $41,634,170 verdict. The defendant’s insurance company later paid the entire jury verdict, which ensures that our client will have excellent medical and nursing care for life.

Other notable PARRIS car accident case results include a $21 million drunk driving car accident verdict, and a $9 million head-on car collision settlement

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