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Car v. Pedestrian Accident Settlement
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Pedestrian Accident Settlement – Boron, CA

PARRIS obtained a $5,015,000 pedestrian accident settlement for our client, a minor, who was tragically hit by a car while walking her dog in Boron, CA.

The accident occurred in the evening after the sun had gone down, and there was very little street lighting at the location of the accident. Our client was walking on the dirt shoulder of the road when she was hit by a car traveling approximately 35 miles per hour.

Our client sustained a serious brain injury, facial and skull fractures, brain hemorrhages, and a central nervous system infection. These severe injuries cause her chronic headaches, muscle spasms, blurred vision, loss of fine coordinated hand movements, loss of balance, incontinence, memory and behavioral problems, and drastically reduced mental activity.

As a result, our client relies on her family to take care of her basic needs and will need ongoing physical and occupational therapy, cognitive behavioral rehabilitation, and a special education program. The $5,015,000 recovery in this case will give our client the care and resources that she needs to live her life with the disabilities caused by this preventable and tragic pedestrian accident.

Other notable PARRIS pedestrian accident case results include a $14.9 million settlement on behalf of an 11-year old girl hit by a car while crossing the street and a $4 million settlement on behalf of two young girls walking at night in the street when they were hit by a car.

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