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Car Accident Verdict in Santa Clarita, CA
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Car Accident Verdict in Santa Clarita, CA

PARRIS Law Firm obtained a $9.6 million verdict for a man severely injured in a car accident in Santa Clarita, CA.

Our client was stopped at an intersection in Santa Clarita when a distracted driver in a pickup truck ran the red light. He collided with our client’s sedan with such force that our client’s car flipped 180 degrees.

The distracted driver was an employee for a prominent landscaping company. Evidence suggests he was using his cell phone to communicate with his employer at the time of the crash.

Our client sustained severe neck, back, arm, and brain injuries in the collision, and he will likely experience chronic pain for the rest of his life. This $9.6 million verdict covers our client’s extensive medical bills and compensates him and his family for the pain and suffering they have endured due to this accident.

Read more about this PARRIS result in our blog article.

PARRIS Law Firm regularly obtains multimillion-dollar verdicts for victims of distracted drivers, including a $49.6 million verdict for an injured CHP motorcycle officer and a $120 million verdict for a man injured in a T-bone style accident.

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