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California wildfires, such as the Woolsey fire, can devastate natural areas, property, communities, or even entire towns. If you have suffered due to wildfire damage from a southern California wildfire, call PARRIS wildfire attorneys for a free case consultation.
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California Wildfires

Every year, the 40 million residents of California brace for the state’s infamous wildfire season. From June to November, hot weather and dry conditions make the state perfect kindling for devastating wildfires. As much as we try to prepare for these incidents, wildfires are difficult to control, and fires in years past have devastated natural areas, structures, and entire towns.

Losing your home to a wildfire is devastating. Victims will struggle with losing their homes, memories, property, and (in horrible cases) pets and loved ones due to wildfire damage. At PARRIS, we have seen firsthand how traumatic this process can be, and we are equipped to walk you through the rebuilding process and get you the compensation you deserve.

Navigating The Insurance System After A Fire

If you or your loved ones have found yourselves in the path of a wildfire, there are a number of steps to take in case of property damage. First, it is important to take care of yourself and your family, ensuring you are out of harm’s way and securing alternate housing. Once you have secured housing, you should contact your insurance companies for all of your policies, and file a claim under any and all insurance policies that you own. Request a copy of your insurance policies including all declarations pages and endorsements.

All communication with your insurer should be in writing, and you can expect a response from your insurer within 15 days of your communication if it requires a response. Many insurance policies will have additional living expenses coverage in evacuation situations, so you’ll want to keep all receipts that demonstrate your evacuation and the additional living expenses that are required during that time.

Your insurer will request an inventory of all personal items destroyed by the fire. It is important to compile as thorough and complete a list as possible. This can be done by visualizing the items in each room of your house, relying on photos and memories from friends and families, and checking credit card statements, shopping accounts like Amazon, and emails to show the items you may have purchased for your home and their value.

California Wildfire Insurance Protection

California’s Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations require insurance companies to act in good faith in their dealings with you, conduct cooperative investigations, and meet certain standards in communication.

Despite these legislative protections, insurance companies don’t always play fair and may do what they can to minimize your losses in order to save themselves money. To combat this, it’s important to hire an experienced insurance attorney to advocate for your insurance rights on your behalf.  Insurance policies are complex documents. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help you understand your rights and maximize the value of your insurance claims.

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PARRIS lawyers have been fighting the insurance industry since 1985, recovering over $1.9 billion for clients. We are currently representing victims of the devastating Woolsey fire in Southern California.

Contact PARRIS for your free fire insurance case evaluation today. You pay no fees until we win your case.

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