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Water pollution can severely damage a community. If you believe that your water has been contaminated by a corporation or a municipal agency, call PARRIS for your free water contamination case consultation today. You pay no fees until we win.
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Water Contamination In California

Water contamination occurs when the groundwater below the soil’s surface and above a layer of rock is contaminated through the illegal dumping of chemicals, saline, or carcinogens into the ground, which can affect the health of thousands of people drinking and using the contaminated water.

Groundwater is a major source of California’s drinking water supply, particularly during dry years. In addition to human consumption, it is used for crop irrigation, industrial cooling and rinsing, and it replenishes rivers, wetlands, and streams that support wildlife. As California faces prolonged periods of drought, the groundwater supply is essential for meeting California’s water needs.

Our water can be contaminated from sources such as industrial chemical disposal, groundwater pumping and injection, agricultural runoff, road salt, toxic chemical spills, leaking fuel tanks, and improper disposal of waste.

Water Pollution Effects

Toxins that have been found frequently in polluted water can include arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, benzene, chromium, saline, mercury, nitrite, thallium, and other chemicals. The ingestion of these toxins can cause severe negative health impacts such as damage to the lungs, bones, liver, kidney, blood, and brain, infertility, and cancer, among other side effects.

Pollutants can travel hundreds of feet, and in some cases miles, from the source of the contamination through the groundwater. If you are concerned about the risk to you and your loved ones that your contaminated water may pose, contact an attorney to begin the process of testing the water, investigating the source of contamination, and holding responsible polluters accountable.

Call PARRIS Water Contamination Attorneys

PARRIS water contamination attorneys currently represent farmers against corporations that are illegally contaminating the groundwater they use to water their crops.

If you are concerned that your water is contaminated, contact your local health agency, the California environmental protection agency, and call PARRIS for your free water contamination case consultation today. You pay no fees until we win.

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