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Consumers can be defrauded by unfair business practices, defective products, false advertising, antitrust violations, and other misleading business practices. Consumer class actions allow consumers to fight back. Call PARRIS class action attorneys for a free case consultation today.
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Consumer Class Action

Consumer class actions are one of the best ways to protect consumers and hold companies accountable for the products and services that they are selling to the public. Consumers can be defrauded by unfair business practices, defective products, false advertising, mortgage fraud, unfair debt collection practices, and antitrust violations. Consumer class actions allow consumers to fight back.


If you believe you’ve had your consumer rights violated by any of the above practices, no matter how small your injury or how big the company may be, contact PARRIS attorneys for a free case evaluation. You are likely not the only person who is experiencing these violations.

Some companies may think they can get away with fraudulent actions because the injuries to an individual person may be too small for the person to want to fight back against the corporation, resulting in big gains to the company. However, on a consumer class action basis, when injured individuals come together to present their losses, the value of the claims of the group can be substantial.

Consumer Protection Only Takes One Person

While we’ve discussed how class actions represent a group of people, all it takes is one person to file a consumer class action. This person will become the representative for the group of people that have been defrauded in a similar manner by the business.

The other members of the class action do not necessarily need to be involved in the lawsuit in order to recover damages. This makes the individual who files the lawsuit the champion of justice for the group of people who have suffered the same consumer injury.


Consumer class actions are complex, so it’s important to choose experienced attorneys to represent you. PARRIS lawyers have recovered over $500 Million in class actions since 1985. Call PARRIS for your free case consultation today – you pay no fees until we win.

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