California Highway Patrol Thanks PARRIS For Support

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On November 3, 2016 California Highway Patrol Captain Jesse Holguin and Lieutenant Eric Browneer stopped by PARRIS to thank the law firm for their support of CHP Day 2016 and their continual support throughout the years.

PARRIS is no stranger to CHP as PARRIS Attorney Robert A. Parris alongside PARRIS investigators, Mike Miscione, Doug Sweeney, and Andy Hernandez are all retired California Highway Patrolmen. Rob Parris was a CHP officer for 16 years and during this time he earned the rank of Captain. Of the visit and support of CHP, Rob says, “We’re both in the business of protecting the people of the Antelope Valley so we’re always happy to support the efforts of the California Highway Patrol.”

PARRIS has been supporting California Highway Patrol for many years and CHP Day specifically, since 2010. CHP Day is an annual gathering of the All Southern Division CHP officers to recognize and award the officers who have earned the distinction of Officer of the Year, Non-Uniform of the Year, and Senior Volunteer of the Year. You can see more of their event on their Facebook – we’ve also included the post below for your convenience:

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