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The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process at PARRIS Law Firm

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Perhaps the #1 question we get at PARRIS is what the process for handling a case looks like. Every case that PARRIS handles is unique, but we do have a general process that we follow to ensure clients get the best service possible. Here is what our injury attorneys tell them.

You Hire An Entire PARRIS Team

When people hire an attorney, they may expect that an attorney is the only person handling the case. At PARRIS, you don’t just hire one attorney, you hire an entire team that will give you and your case the personal attention that you deserve. This team includes several experienced attorneys, a litigation support staff, a case manager, an assistant case manager, a field representative, a client-care coordinator, and more. Each team member plays a dedicated role to help you through every stage of your case.

Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Pre-Litigation Phase

After you have hired your team, the pre-litigation and investigation phase of your case begins. The case manager will be your main point of contact during this phase. Along with the attorney on your case, the case manager will gather your medical records, initiate discussions with the insurance adjuster, obtain witness statements and police reports, contact medical providers, and begin an internal case investigation.

Many of our case managers are former employees of the auto insurance industry before joining PARRIS, so they’re extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They may make a policy limit demand (or a PLD) on your behalf, which asks for the payment of all available insurance in your case. Our field representatives, who are former law enforcement officers, will also assist in the investigation by talking to witnesses and helping to obtain police reports if needed.

Many injury cases will resolve through settlement during this phase. If your case does not, then the litigation phase begins.

The Litigation Phase

Your attorney will begin the litigation phase by filing your case in the court system. Your PARRIS team will continue the factual investigation through the gathering and production of documents, witness statements, corporate records, and insurance records. Your attorney will take depositions, which are verbal statements made by witnesses under oath. Your attorney may also hire experts to perform accident reconstruction, accident site inspections, provide medical opinions, and create medical and life care plans.

Communication is very important to us at PARRIS. During this entire process your attorneycase manager, and client care coordinator will be available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with regular updates regarding your case.

Your attorney will continue to attempt to reach a settlement through negotiation, demand letters, mediation, and/or arbitration. Some cases will go to mediation several times and then settle. You will always have the final say on whether or not to settle your case.

If you accept a settlement, your case will be considered resolved, and your team will complete the process of confirming medical bills and outstanding liens. Settlement documents will be prepared for your review and signature, and our client satisfaction coordinator will help wrap up your case and give you the opportunity to review your experience with us.

The Trial Phase

If your case does not settle before trial, you can trust that our seasoned trial attorneys will expertly present your case before a jury at trial. PARRIS is known for regularly achieving seven and eight-figure jury trial verdicts, you can view some of our past trial results here. If your case is successful, the jury will enter a verdict that sets the dollar amount that the defendant must pay. This verdict then becomes a judgment that can be enforced against the defendant. If there is no appeal of the verdict, payment or collection of the judgment can begin, and your case will be resolved. If there is an appeal, your PARRIS attorney will discuss our potential representation of you at that more advanced stage.

Call PARRIS Trial Lawyers to Learn More About the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

We understand that to someone who has never dealt with the legal system, all of this can seem complicated and confusing. But at PARRIS, representing people and helping them navigate the legal system is what we do. Your PARRIS team is here to support you and get you the compensation you deserve. Call PARRIS at 661-485-2072 for answers to your questions or to start your free case consultation today.

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