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Groundbreaking $41,634,170 Verdict for Antelope Valley Native Injured in T-Bone Collision

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On April 16, 2018, a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury awarded $41,634,170 to our 27-year-old client who was severely injured in a T-bone collision. The accident took place at the corner of Avenue O and 15th Street West during the busy holiday shopping season.

“Our client never had it easy. He was born with developmental disabilities and was given up for adoption. Thankfully, he found a home where he was loved and cared for,” said PARRIS attorney R. Rex Parris. “With the love and support from his new family, he turned from a child that showed no emotion to one who gave hugs and kisses,” R. Rex Parris added.

Although his family is originally from the Antelope Valley, they relocated to another state just before the accident. Our client was very independent and decided to stay in the Antelope Valley to start his own life. “He had a job, a fiancé, and was entirely self-sufficient despite his disabilities,” said PARRIS attorney Alexander R. Wheeler. “This young man overcame all odds to only fall victim to the careless actions of another driver.”

On that tragic December night, our client, his fiancé, and her mother were leaving the Antelope Valley Mall when the defendant darted into oncoming traffic and caused the T-bone collision. Our client’s life would never be the same. Despite all of the hardships our client has endured, he kept a smile on his face and stayed positive throughout the entire process. “The severity of his injuries is heartbreaking,” said Wheeler. “Imagine if you suddenly could no longer tie your shoes, if your life changed that dramatically in a flash.”

The defendant admitted fault to the accident, and the jury was called to decide how much our client was owed for economic and noneconomic damages. After deliberating, the jury found that $41,634,170 was owed to our client.

“While money will not make him whole again, this verdict will go a long way toward improving his living conditions,” said Parris. “He loved music and dancing, riding horses and a bicycle. Unfortunately, these activities are now among his losses,” Wheeler added.

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