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Cognitive Science Skills Every Lawyer Should Learn

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Our founder, attorney R. Rex Parris, sat down with Michael Cowen of Trial Lawyer Nation for a conversation regarding the importance of cognitive science as it relates to the persuasion of jurors, as well as the trial strategies that have helped to make him one of the most successful trial lawyers in the nation.

Listen to the podcast here:

This podcast will cover valuable topics such as:

  • the skills every lawyer should learn, and how to get started with the learning process;
  • the use of cognitive science in presenting before a jury, controlling your heartbeat, combat breathing, and more;
  • techniques to help a jury determine the value of what has been taken from the client versus the client’s pain and suffering;
  • mind mapping and the use of visuals in the courtroom;
  • the importance of credibility and how to maintain it before a jury;
  • how Rex balances work, life, and being the Mayor of Lancaster;
  • and so much more!

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Rex Parris is a true champion of justice. He obtains incredible legal results for the people against large corporations and the insurance industry, fights for climate change locally and globally, and has drastically improved the City of Lancaster by reducing crime and gang violence as its mayor. To learn more about Rex’s recent accomplishments, you can read R. Rex Parris: 2018 Person of the Year and Lawyer of the Year.

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