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Porter Ranch Lawsuit Update: Disturbing SoCalGas Testimony

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There were dangerous levels of PCBs and uranium present at Aliso Canyon during and after the Porter Ranch gas blowout. These shocking facts and more were confirmed by SoCalGas employees’ deposition testimony and documents from an investigation by the California Public Utilities Commission.

In response to these findings, PARRIS lawyers have filed a restitution hearing brief against SoCalGas. PARRIS alleges that SoCalGas knowingly withheld information regarding toxic and cancer-causing chemicals from first responders and the public. This crucial information could have helped victims protect themselves, their families, and their pets from the suffering and harm that arose from exposure to these horrific chemicals.

More specifically, uranium was discovered to exceed EPA maximum contaminant levels in underground liquid near the leaking well. Arcolein, a biocide that is added to the gas, was found to be present at extremely high levels in homes months after the gas blowout. Radon, which has no safe level of exposure, was found in the gas at Aliso Canyon, as were polychlorinated biphenyls. Benzene was also detected during the blowout at 100,000 PPB. Many of these are known carcinogens, and were present at dangerous levels.

SoCalGas never listed any of these chemical compounds in its notice to the Office of Emergency Services (OES), nor did it provide an estimate of the quantity of the hazardous material exposure. PARRIS argues that in failing to do so, SoCalGas violated federal and state laws that require the full disclosure of hazardous chemical releases and the potential health impact resulting from them.

Attorney R. Rex Parris asks, “The employees of SoCalGas have now acknowledged what we’ve known for quite some time, the question is – when will SoCalGas own up to its own shameful behavior?” Since 2015, PARRIS has been fighting for the victims of the Porter Ranch gas blowout. We will continue the fight to hold SoCalGas accountable for its wrongs.

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