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Curtis Crawford

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Curtis Crawford

Curtis Crawford is an attorney at PARRIS Law Firm.

Crawford represents injured parties in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases, including claims involving pedestrian versus auto accidents, car collisions, and industrial and trucking accidents. Since joining PARRIS as a law student in 2022, Crawford has expertly steered cases through every step of the litigation process, helping clients recover millions of dollars in verdicts and hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.

In 2024, he helped obtain $1.5 million and $1 million settlements in two wrongful death cases. While studying at Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law, where he graduated cum laude in 2023, Crawford worked on two trials and was part of a trial team at PARRIS. This included serving on a trial team that secured a $3 million verdict for a pedestrian who had been hit by a car. The next year, before he was sworn in as an attorney, Crawford helped the firm win a $6 million verdict for a valet who had been injured by a drunk driver.

Crawford traces his passion for advocacy to his experience working for a family law firm as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California, where he studied theater and philosophy. In law, he saw an ideal opportunity to harness his skills in analysis, reasoning, argumentation, and public speaking to secure justice and fight on behalf of individuals who have been wronged. This dedication only grew more robust when he began working with PARRIS as a law student, under the mentorship of firm partner Alexander R. Wheeler. At Pepperdine, Crawford previously served as the editor-in-chief of the Pepperdine Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Law. He co-founded the Caruso Law Student Plaintiffs Bar and served as secretary of the school’s student bar association.

  • State Bar of California
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